Welcome to CCCM

National Centre for Compositional Characterisation of Materials has been set up by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) under Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) as a premier institution for analytical chemistry to cater to the growing demand of material characterisation with respect to its composition in the country.

The Major Activities of the centre are

  • Research in all aspects of analytical sciences in materials, environmental and life sciences
  • Provide specialized analytical services for the determination of analytes down to parts per billion and lower levels
  • Offer validation support to industries through product evaluation Training in analytical methods
  • Reference Materials

  • Dr A.C.Sahayam, Head-NCCCM

  • Dr A.C.Sahayam, Head-Ultra Trace Analysis Section
  • Dr Kulmani Dash, Head-Bulk Analysis Section
  • Dr M.V.Balarama Krishna, Head-Environmental Science & Nanomaterials Section & I/c Head-Quality Assurance and Services Section
  • Dr J.V.Ramana, Head-Surface & Profile Measurement Section